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Shady rest.jpg

By popular request, this property has some serious history!  

Shady Rest: The original building dates back to the early 1900s, constructed as a business called the "Shady Rest". A lakeside snack and convenience shop. Which would also rent rowboats on the lake and small cabins in the forested area to the North (now a neighborhood). The original rectangular building and window openings can be seen when entering the Bobbers main room area.


Shady Rest Restaurant: In the early 1950s a Lake Zurich local named Emil converted the interior to a sit down restaurant for finer dining, keeping the original name. Serving steaks, seafood and wine Shady Rest became an incredibly popular lakeside getaway. It's been said a variety of then celebrities and movie stars would take the trip from Chicago to dine for a day. The old wine menus can be seen at the Ela Historical Society.

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Eng's Tea House: While it passed hands once more for a short period of time, in the late 70s came Ken Eng and his wife Modan to open a Cantonese restaurant named Eng's Tea House. This became a staple of Lake Zurich, thriving with their unique authentic menu and variety of specialty teas and cocktails. The interior was held true to style with many original pieces of artwork and design. They took great pride in their business and after over 30 loyal years, it came time to enjoy retirement.

Bobbers: Along came the current owner Bobby seeking to rent a piece of Eng’s land on the lake to open a tiki hut. Funny enough both Ken and Bobby came from an engineering background prior to the restaurant industry. As the idea grew, Ken granted an incredibly kind as-is deal for his building, finally passing the torch. Thrilled the structure wouldn't be demolished.  With 3 stacked business loans and a big risk/reward, the creation of Bobbers was born - Dec 3rd 2014. The concept was kept simple with great lake views and a small made to order menu. A fun gathering spot on the lake with a vacation-like feel.



The original building and foundation were kept completely in-tact (remodeled with facade). Honoring this property’s long standing tradition of hospitality for over 100 years. Bobbers owes its core success to our amazing staff and the loyal caring customers of Lake Zurich and surrounding areas for making it what it is today and many years to come!       

More details and pictures coming soon!

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